Thursday, May 31, 2007

Why Bother

If your team name is not the Braves I have a question for you. Why would you even play the Mets? Just give them two of 3 and move on. Honestly, why even bother? Today the Mets beat the Giants 4 to 2 with all of the games runs coming in the 1st two innings. Wagner got the save. Believe me, I’m not trying to make the Mets into the greatest team ever, because I know and I hope you know that they’re not. But hey, it’s pretty tough to lose games when over the last two series the Mets have won 5 of 6 outscoring their opponents 28 to 17. LETS GO METS

Just Save it For October

TIMLEY HITTING, that is what the Mets need. They had 6 hits the Giants had 10 but the Giants won 3 to nothing. Shutting the Mets out for the first time this year. As far as I see it there were only 3 up-sides to this game.
1) Glavine pitched fine
2) Mota pitched more then fine
3) Zito picked up a win for my fantasy team
But hopeful the Mets are just saving all of their clutch hits for October when Beltran is up with 2 outs and the bases loaded and then bang a shot to the gap, instead of a backwards K.

Armando, Armando, Armando

No better feeling the revenge. That’s all I could think when I was watching this game. Flashes of game 1 of the 2000 World Series darted in and out of my mind as I saw Armando Benitez slowly un-wind. And any real Mets fan knows that once Armando starts to un-wind, he UN-WINDS big time. I have never seen a pitcher balk a runner two bases but hey, he’s Armando and there are firsts for everything. Then after he balked in Jose Reye, I said “this game is over” and what to you know just like that Carlos Delgado, BOOM, his second of the game and all is good it Metsville. However, the next day many people said that Willie needs to stop letting Franco pinch hit like he did in the bottom of the 9th, but to that I say there’s about a 1 to a million chance that that ball he hit turns into an out. But all in all, LETS GO METS!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Slap In the Face to the Yankees

Sorry for the late posts for the Marlins series but I was on vacation. Pretty much everything was hunky-dory as the Mets broomed the Fish. And Oh yeah the Yankees got swept by the Halo’s moving them to 13.5 back in the division and tied for last place. Isn’t it a bit of irony that the Yankees are tied with the team whose total payroll doesn’t equal the salary of the Yankee third baseman? Lets Go R-Days.

Oh Yeah and Mets

Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Numbers Don't Lie, Or Do They

I’ve been sitting in front of my TV for a while and I just figured it out. Glavine and Smoltz play golf together and in golf the lower score is better so tonight when the Braves got less hits then Mets but still won it must have been like golf (which Smoltz is better at). But seriously I have never seen a more deceiving stat, every time I look a box score the Mets seem to have about a billion hits but 1 run, but because I’m such a nerd I calculated the percent of hits that score for every team in the NL. Apparently the Mets score 53% of their runners that get hits. You can look below to see the complete list but I guess the Mets are just due to start knocking some runners in. But the other issue is their inability to beat the Braves, which may prove problematic down the stretch, but as my 2nd grade teacher said “we’ll cross that bridge when we get there”. LETS GO METS

Mets- 53%
Braves- 54%
Fish- 54%
Nats- 45%
Cubs- 49%
Reds- 54%
Brewers- 53%
Pirates- 46%
Cards- 43%
D-backs- 48%
Rockies- 46%
Dodgers- 49%
Padres- 51%

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Xavier who????

I really wish I had Xavier Nady right now. NOT!!! I look back on this trade made on July 31 2006 and I want to bow down to Omar Minaya. How in the world did he acquire Oliver Perez for Xavier Nady? Not to knock on Xavier but I will take 6-3 pitcher with lightning stuff over him any day. Also David Wright stayed hot homering in the 5th inning. (must be the shaved head) Once again the golfing buddies will go head to head tomorrow and this time it’s for the series. I don’t want to say this is a must win game for the Mets because it’s only May but it’s as close to must win game as you could have in May. LETS GO METS

Kill Kyle Davies

Kill Kyle Davies, that’s the only solution I can think of if the Mets want to beat the Braves in any series this year. Not only did he pitch a gem going 8 innings and only allowing one run but he also hit a 3 run bomb in the bottom of the sixth. But if the Mets continue to build up these 2.5 game leads in the division they can afford to lose a few here and there to the Braves. To me the Mets biggest problem is that they don’t have timely hitting. For example in last nights game the braves had 10 hits and the Mets had 8 but the Mets scored 1 run and the Braves scored 8. However, if they keep hitting the ball the hits will start to come at the right time. The Maniac ain’t worried, LETS GO METS.

Monday, May 21, 2007

I Hate The Yankees

Games like this are my worst nightmare. I know I probably shouldn’t be upset because the Mets are still in first and the Yankees still aren’t but I have nightmares about pitchers like Tyler Los Angeles Clipard. Even though it’s only one start he is one of those guys that Yankee fans will fall in love with and call him the next Cy Young. But you may say but Maniac all of those guys are always terrible, but that’s why I have nightmares because what if this guy is actually good, what if he doesn’t injure his hammy, what if he starts to show emotion then he will be everything the current Yankees aren’t and people will always remember his first start against our New York Mets. But hey I can already hear the hammy tearing so for the next few days until his next start I should be able to keep myself together. But I shouldn’t complain that much since the Mets are still in first. Lets GO Mets

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Knuckleball From Hell

If you like my site then you might want to look at this book a friend of mine is publishing. It’s a very funny novel entitled “The Knuckleball From Hell”. The Knuckleball From Hell tells the story of a fictional Mets team that is horrendous and been driven into the ground by its bankrupt owner, while the protagonist is a high school phenom who only wants to pitch for the Mets. Unfortunately, he blows out his arm and his career is seemingly over, until he has a chance encounter with a Professor on the lam from chicken wing eating Department of Homeland Security special agents, enabling the kid to join the Mets with a new pitch – the Knuckleball from Hell.

If you’re a Mets fan, like to laugh or just want to by the book because I told you to you should by this book!!

Click here to see the official page


In a game that was all Mets all the way the issue was never in doubt. Except for the back to back jacks in the 8th of Schoenweiss and Wagners brain fart and the fact that Wagner pitched in an almost identical situation last year (up 4 bottom 9 against the Yankees) and blew it. But hey, today they re-cooped and won lockng up the series with the Yankees. This was a great game for any Mets fan because of bunches of reasons.

1) Cano the so-called prospect made 3 errors resulting in 1 run
2) Captain cologne struck-out in arguably the most important AB of the game
3) Glavine got his 295th win
4) The Mets locked up the Shea series
5) The Yankees starter had an ERA of infinity

Lets hope my Maine man can give the Yanks the brrom today. Lets GO METS

Saturday, May 19, 2007

No Tricks This Time

Apologies for the late post but I was watching “Wince” Carter throw away the Nets chances at a title run. But from what I heard of the game and what I watched and listened to it sounded like this. First of all the David Blaine look alike Andy Pettite couldn’t do any tricks on the Mets as he let up one first inning run on a single a walk and sac ground ball and sac fly (that’s what I call manufacturing a run!!) And Oliver must have learned some lessons from Feagan because somebody pick-pocketed the Yankees bats yesterday as Perez went 7 and two thirds innings allowing 2 runs on 5 hits. But the hero of the game was Endy Chavez hitting a 2 run bomb in the fifth to put the Mets ahead for good. Today should be the easiest game of the series for the Mets as Rasner takes on Glavine as the Mets try to extend the winning streak to 4 and push their winning percentage to 667 and possibly move to 3.5 games up in the division. Meanwhile pushing the Yankees down to 5 games below 500 and possibly last place and if that happens the Yankees last place track will be up and running. Lets Go Mets!!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

1 Out of 3 Makes the Hall of Fame

Jason Vargas struggled today as the Mets somehow beat the Cubbies 6-5. Doing all of this with a starting line up of Chavez, Gotay, Green, Delgado, Franco, Newhan, Castro, Gomez and Vargas. Down 5-1 going into the ninth the Mets rallied which was capped off by Carlos Delgado’s walk off hit. Hopefully Vargas will be better in his next start but even if he isn’t this season the Mets have tried 3 young un-proven starting pitchers in Mike Pelfrey, Jason Vargas and Jorge Sosa and even if Vargas turns out to be a dud 1 out of 3 makes the hall of fame. Now to yesterday’s game that was postponed by a 3 hour 7 minute rain delay and to tell you the truth I had no idea it was on until I was told. But what I did listen to on the radio sounded good as Damian Easley went yard again. Thus giving him 6 homeruns in 64 at bats. Now as the Mets head into the weekend to Battle the 4 train boys I look forward to a 2 out of 3 game series victory as the Yankees continue to stumble. Tomorrow’s game is practically a lock because we have Oliver Perez pitching and they have the David Blaine look a like, (Andy Pettite). Lets GO Mets.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Don't Blame It On The Maine

On a night where the Mets had a chance to secure their lead in the N.L East for the first time in a blue moon they did the exact opposite. Showing very few good signs. A bull-penn that last year was one of the best in the bigs managed to give up 7 runs in only 4 innings, including Schoeneweis’ 5 runs in .2 innings giving him a ERA for today of 67.5 and ballooning his season ERA to 5.63. Ambi Burgos came back up today and didn’t miss a beat going two innings and only allowing one run not to mention only walking one batter. I can’t believe I’m typing this but what a game by Shawn Green, going 2 for 3 with a double and a bomb. But tomorrow should be an easy one as Keyzer Sosa (Jorge Sosa for those of you who haven’t seen the Usual Suspects) takes on Rich Hill.

Monday, May 14, 2007

The Tides They are a Turnin'

Tides are turning. In a game where the Mets trailed nearly the whole way the one man who has been struggling on their team, Carlos Delgado came through with a 2 out bases loaded walk to bring in Jose Reyes in the form of the winning run. Also the Braves lost giving the Mets sole possession of first place in the N.L East. Hopefully the Mets will keep the streak alive (the Mets have won 8 out of 11 and 5 of 6) tomorrow as Cy Maine sorry John Maine takes on Carlos Zambrano. Lets Go Mets

Sunday, May 13, 2007

We should use pink bats every game!

Oliver Perez turned in a dominant performance as the Mets took the rubber game of the series from the Brewers. Meaning that the Mets have not lost a series all year to a team not named the Atlanta Braves. Also Carlos Gomez made his first start and went 2 for 4 with 2 runs and a stolen base. His fielding was also rock solid. However, his one diving catch was overrated because of the four steps back he first took on the ball. But he made the play and that is what matters. Also this was the first game I have gone to of the season and the Mets dominated (So if any rich Mets fan wants to buy me season tickets in hopes that the Mets will win every game I’m at please feel free to email me). Tomorrow we have a Marquis match up as the 4-1 Tom Glavine goes up against the 5-1 Jason Marquis. Lets Go Mets.

Moore better then Pelfrey as Nets Win and Mets lose

Apologies for the late post but I was watching the Nets and Mikki Moore tear up the Cavaliers. From listening to some recaps of the game I attained this knowledge. The Mets were not sharp especially Pelfrey and the Brewers used amazing base running to their advantage. Also my boy David Newhan finally came through, I always believed in you. Mike Pelfrey on the other hand needs to go back to AAA and work on some other pitches other then a fastball. In the mean time the Mets should bring up Chan ho Park to play the role of the old vet who will give you middle of the road starts each time out. In other news I will be at the game today to see Oliver Perez take on Chris Capuano in the rubber game of the series. Lets go Mets.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Why don’t they just play like this all the time?

Why don’t they just play like this all the time? Or in last years game 7 of the NLCS when Jeff Suppan pitched? These were the questions I found myself asking after watching today’s game. An almost perfectly played game for the Mets they were able to take care of the Brew Crew today 5-4. Great pitching by Sosa followed by solid relief and a perfect 9th from Wagner showed all of the Mets assets today as the extended their streak to 3 games. However, there are some things that just don’t change, the sun will rise, their will be 24hrs in a day, I will hate Roger Clemens and David Newhan will get 1 at bat and not get a hit, today he went 0 for 1 dropping his average to exactly 100. Whatever, just along as he doesn’t start again.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Finally the Mets and I are in the same time zone

Finally the time difference games are over and the Mets head back to Shea(with a new haircut). This west coast trip although very awesome may only prove to keep the Mets tied for 1st place in the NL East with the dreaded Braves. However, I’m still not worried because this Braves team resembles the Nationals team from their inaugural year where they started hot but finished at .500. Upon the Mets return to Shea they will play the Brewers in a 3 game series in which I will attend the 3rd game and hopefully see Pelfrey turn in another quality start while David Newhan rides the bench. Lets Go Mets

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Sosa more then So-So it Mets Debut Newhan Still Stinks!!!

Once again this stinking time difference causes me to mush two games into one post. The first game… Sosa more then so-so as the Mets took down the D-Backs 6-2. Going 6 and 1 third innings and allowing just 2. Shawn Green stayed hot going 2 for 4 with a home run as the Mets cruised past the D-Backs. Then we went to game 4 of the series, after giving up a run in the first inning Mike Pelfrey settled down and gave up only one run throughout the rest of the game. However, just to remind him how bad David Newhan really was Willie Randoulph started him. Usually these decisions work out right for Willie (I.E Endy Chavez last year). However, this wasn’t Endy Chavez this was David Newhan who went 0 for 3 today. Not to mention leaving two runners in scoring position. Please, I could go 0 for 3 in a major league game!!! Please Moises Alou come back so David Newhan never plays again!! Tomorrow the Mets play the Giants as they take on the man who decided to play for the Giants and not the Mets, Barry Zito against Oliver Perez. I like our chances as long as David Newhan doesn’t start in which case they may as well but the wax statue of David Wright up there because they both have the same chance of getting a hit, at least Zito might think the statue was David Wright and intentionally walk it. Whatever, Lets Go Mets!!

Friday, May 4, 2007

Damien Easley and John Maine are Just That Good!!

With the stupid time difference making me miss last night’s game, this post will simply entail two games instead of one. First off, the Mets headed into another 4 game series against the Diamondbacks, oddly similar to last years series with the D-backs in which the Mets swept and really set themselves apart from the N.L East. In the first game the Mets won 9-4 just because Damien Easley is just that good. Another clutch bomb for Damien this time a 3 run shot in the top of the 9th to put the Mets up 2. Followed up later on by another 3 run bomb off the bat of David Wright. Tonight the Mets also won but that was kind of understood considering John Maine started. But the Mets gave Maine ample run support off the bat of Julio Franco and Paul Lo Duca. That’s all for tonight, Lets Go Mets!

Click here to get the box score of the first game

Click here to get the box score of the second game

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Not the Wright Stuff but the Right Result

The Mets played (almost) a 100% solid game today. Except for the fielding of Mr. Wright. Although his hitting streak appears to be gone he made two errors today in the field, because he’s usually a good fielder at the hot corner so I’ll stop here and hope he picks it up soon. Another plus was that David Newhan didn’t get an AB today or I should say he didn’t get an AO today (automatic out). Oliver Perez pitched well again proving to be not crap shoot Oliver but more of a, red in roulette, Oliver. For those none gamblers it means he’ll be solid about half the time. Lets hope he can keep that alive for later in the season. Lets go Mets!

Click here to see a box score and summary of the game

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The Wright Stuff but not the Right Result

This was possibly the least upsetting Mets loss of all time. For a few reasons, one, David Wright finally decided to become the David Wright from last year going 3 for 4 with a home run and a double. Not to mention Mike Pelfrey who gave up 0 runs after the first inning and only received a loss due to one poor inning and a lack of run support. Also my favorite David Newhan grounded out to second to save himself from another K. My only problem with the Mets in this game was that they left 8 runners on, 3 more then the Marlins 5. If they had left 5 runners on like the Marlins did, then this game might still be in extra frames. Also the Mets out hit the Fish 11 to 7 but lost by 3. But the Braves lost too so the Mets stay just .5 games out of first place, and hey, it’s a long season.

Click here to see a box score and summary of the game.