Monday, March 31, 2008

Adios Profesor, Hola Ganador

Finally back, after typing a few practice posts about the for the New Orleans Zephyrs I am no back and ready to cover the big show. And I must say what a way to start the Johan Santana era, a big win over the Fish. After being nervous all day after being nervous about whether the Mets would show shades of last seasons collapse, (which was mostly due to poor play against the Marlins). The new, less eccentric Mets came out and played a near perfect game. And as excited as I was for the win I must say I was a little upset when I read the article in Sports Illustrated about Reyes toning it down a notch, cutting the Professor Reyes routine and the post dinger 3 and a half minute hand shakes but hey, YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME and that is just what the boys did today.

Click here to see the box score for todays game