Sunday, April 27, 2008


A good win on my first visit to Shea starting a new streak for me after my 4 game winning streak was broken up by the Cubbies last year. A solid game all around, from when I called the pitch and the spot Beltran's RBI double in the third. Not to mention the bullpen holding up, even with a Heilman appearance. But after this game I have two major bones to pick. The first and less serious is I did not realize the 8th inning sing-a-long is I’m a Believer by the Monkees, I assumed Springsteen’s Waitin’ on A Sunny Day would be chosen but apparently not. Also on a slightly more serious note, WHAT’S WITH THE BOOING!!!. It’s OK to boo Reyes, when he doesn’t run out a ground ball, or Benny Agbayani when he makes a bonehead play and gives the ball to a fan on the second out of the inning, but why boo Delgado a man who very clearly goes 100% every game and every work out but is just suffering the repercussions of a long career. And why boo Aaron Heilman who also has done nothing to deserve booing. Also by booing the fans are hurting the team, considering Delgado batted 63 points higher on the road than at home last year. Basically the fans are injuring Delgado, so if you want to keep hurting the team keep booing but if you want them to win I strongly suggest you stop.

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